zkLend Community Call POAPs 08/08/2022 at 1500 UTC

  1. Drop ID - #58690
  2. Community information
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/zkLend
Discord: zkLend's server (22,000 + members)

  1. Nature of the event
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We recently just launched our Testnet version of Artemis, our permissionless money market protocol. And we want to celebrate with the our Discord community by having a call with our three co-founders to answer any questions users may have.

  1. Distribution plan
    How are you planning on getting POAPs to individuals?

Once the call has finished we will ask users who attended the call direct message one of our discord admins with a code word. Users who have the correct code word and DM our admin will receive a mint link from him.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
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Normally we request 150 mint links for our AMAs but this time we requested more, 499. We believe that since we requested more that could be the case for being delayed.

Our community call is today 08/08/2022 at 1500 UTC so if we could get the mint links before then that would be great.

Thank you very much in advance.

zkLend Team

Congrats, looks like your petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body