You requested more mint links for your drop - #26284

Hi Poap Team!
we initially requested 333 codes for #26284 - only received 50 codes - now we requested more but didnt receive any codes - we would like to get additional 333 codes please! Appreciate your help!

Hey @alchemistcoin :wave:

As I can see, you have a petition for 30 extra codes (not 333).
Can you clarify on how much POAPs you need?

The POAP Curation Body

Hey! thank you for your reply - we need 333 codes. We initially requested 333 but only got 50. not sure if this is a typo with 30 but 333 is correct - ty in advance!

Hey @Fio , sorry to ask again, we didnt receive the codes yet - dont want to annoy but the expiry date was set to 3/3 and cannot be extended (errocode EDITION_EXPIRED) at least via edit-page. TY!


Hey! is there a reason you are not using for this use-case?

Tutorial on

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

hey, no not really - for us at least it doesnt matter, we already verified and filtered all the eligable addresses - would you recommend setup one or should we use it next time? Im asking because as I wrote the expiry date (cant be changed by us) is imminent. Best regards!

You can set the delivery after the event, once you have collected all the ETH addresses of the attendees.

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We have ~250 of the 333 addresses collected until now… i think it will be finished tomorrow but could also be on tuesday, again - expiry date was set to 3/3 and can not be changed by us!
The reason we didnt use delivery is because we also had issues with it - we wanted to add more wallets and it didnt work… also the approval usually takes more than 24h - at least with our deliveries in the past.

really dont want to cause any problems - we used your service for 40+ events, but isnt it possible to extend the expiry date and/or just give us the codes via mail? We will use the delivery method for sure for upcoming events, but this is really stressful rn. We just want to deliver the promised badges to our users/attendees - im affraid opening a delivery for only 1 or 2 days will cause again issues :frowning:

Hey @alchemistcoin

I feel you :frowning:

I’d suggest submitting a petition for Delivery if you already filtered all the eligible addresses :slight_smile:

Looking forward to reviewing your petition!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body