WVRPS by WarpSound request for approval/appeal

  1. Drop Information

#43959 -WarpSound Live S2 Ep6-2022

  1. Community information

Twitter: https://twitter.com/warpsound_ai
Website: www.warpsound.ai

  1. Nature of the event:

WarpSound Live “Genesis Tour” Official POAP! Live from Season 2 Episode 6 tour stop in the Diamond Supply Co Discord!

Each time the WarpSound crew performs live, a POAP is generated that can be used in conjunction with WVRPS NFTs in unexpected ways.

WarpSound is the interactive, AI-powered collective started by virtual artists Nayomi,

DJ Dragoon, and Gnar Heart, giving audiences the ability to co-create real-time live music experiences.

WVRPS is the collective’s first NFT project, fusing generative art and AI-generated music as collectibles which provide access to create new generative music and art in the future.

  1. Distribution plan:

Premint.xyz form combined with poap.delivery to protect against farming

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?:

It appears that the drop is being flagged for potential farming issues

As POAP collectors ourselves, we understand that POAPs rely on the notion of intrinsic value and subsequently lose that inherent value if they are mass distributed to

the wrong people.

WarpSound values the POAPs we issue and regards them to be equal to Concert Ticket Stubs!

Proof that you were there.

To maintain the integrity of every POAP we issue to our community, we purchased PREMINT to act as the first level of defense against potential farmers.

When we host a live Twitch and/or Discord "concert"event we require:

  1. The premint.xyz form (on chain) to be filled out during the live event itself.

  2. To complete the request, they must

a. Connect their wallet

b. Have a verified Twitter account and follow WarpSound.ai

c. Join our Discord

  1. We collect the ETH address to issue the POAPs through POAP.DELIVERY.

Warp Sound utilizes Poap.delivery and PREMINT together because it is a very secure way to create and distribute POAPs within our community.

Goal: to keep POAP farmers OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY

We want the POAPs to go to the engaged community members who attend the events.

While premint.xyz and poap.delivery are our preferred method at this time, in the future will consider the following changes:

  1. Evaluate poap.gg for Twitch live streams

  2. Evaluate the feasibility of utilizing the Magic QR Code Dispenser as an even more secure method of distribution for the live stream.

  3. Close the Premint.xyz form at the end of the live session, rather than leaving it open for set amount of time after the event ends. (Leaving it open can invite farmers)

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@Fio Hello! Sam G. said that I should tag you here to review this appeal for Warp Sound. I have been working with them to move toward approving this drop request. Thx.

Hi! I’m here :slight_smile: What do we need to do to move this forward?

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Hey @julie

Thanks for context!

We’re glad you’re working towards eliminating the farming of your POAPs.
PREMINT is a great platform, but it doesn’t prove attendance or participation. It just proves that users have a Twitter and a Discord account.

I’ll send all the info to curators and let you know once they have reviewed your petition.

Hey @terranaomi

The Curation Body made a negative review of the petition since your drop was seriously compromised (most of the addresses belong to farmers).

For future drops, you can use one of these methods:

  1. POAP.gg
  2. Magic QR Dispenser
  3. Degen Bot

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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