Wong picture used in POAP Delivery application

Good afternoon,
I’m here to ask for some help for an error on my own doing. I created a POAP and it was approved. I’ve gather the attendees’ addresses and created a Delivery. However, the poap image that I used for this was incorrect. I copied from another poap I created by mistake. I would like to know how to cancel this delivery, so I can create another one with the same information and the appropriate image. Specially, because the image I used will be used for another future Delivery.
EVENT ID: 27105
Date of event: 02/15/22
Date of Delivery Creation: 02/16/22
#1441 - Ethereum Towers Launch Week- HHH Game’s Night

I would appreciate any help in this matter,

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Hey @aargentum,
Can you please share the new picture so we change it internally?

The POAP Curation Body


I though I wasn’t going to get an answer, so I ended up creating a new Delivery with the correct picture. I hope this was ok.

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Ok, no problem!

With you the best with your drop :slight_smile:

The POAP Curation Body