Why the Forum, is there a better way?

I think this forum is a bit of strange way to handle request for POAP feels like a very clunky system that needs refinement. What are your thoughts?


i agree, the helpdesk told me to come here and I submitted my problem hours ago and no response!

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Hey guys,

Actually, funny you ask. I can tell the story, and where we’re going.

When we started the forum back in January, our intention was to fix certain specific issues:

  • Lack of communication between the POAP Curation Body and the POAP ecosystem
  • Issuers lacking a forum to escalate petition review (this was previously done via Discord)
  • Opaque and un-communicated policy
  • Complete novelty of the Curation Body as a concept

That said, we’ve lately been having conversations internally if the problems we had intended to solve then are the things we need to be using the forum for today. We’d like to see the forum develop into a place for issuers to have thoughtful conversations about using POAP; for builders to have thoughtful conversations about building with POAP; for discussions on Curation Body policy, use cases, and execution best practices; and definitely not for petition review.

Ultimately, you’re fully right. What’s needed is a ticketing system for escalating petitions that didn’t make it through the process; a gitbook for POAP Curation Body Policy, and as well as an issuer interface that provides information about the status of a petition and which information (if any) is needed by the POAP Curation Body to render a decision.

We’re working hard on getting the latter together, but internally, are trying to make the determination of whether we change the way escalating petitions is handled (again! we know this is super frustrating!) or hold off for a while, to assess the landscape once the new systems are in place.

Any thoughts you have here are welcome. I’m on the verge of putting it up for a vote.

Update: please add your thoughts here.


Agree, this feels very centralized