What can the POAP curators collect?

POAP has the POAP curation body to manually review every POAp. What if curators learn about POAPs because they are curating? maybe an online event. can they collect these POAPs or does that count as against the rules?

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Hey @jason

It’s great to see you again on the forum!

Yes, Curators manually review all POAP petitions to ensure that drops meet specific guidelines and standards for issuance.

Regarding your question: Curators hold themselves to high standards and participate in the events that they choose to collect. @NFTA, for example, aims to participate for 45 minutes or more to collect the POAP.

Let me know if you have more questions!


Okay I understand. If the curator would only learn of the virtual event because they work at poap (otherwise never would have known about the poap because the info is not available to the public because preannounce is not allowed), can the curator then go to the event and do the “farm” of the poap?

Hello, as a member of the community and not affiliated with the POAP team, I’d like to provide my perspective. In my understanding, POAP curators attending public events they’ve learned about through their work at POAP and subsequently claiming a POAP doesn’t seem to conflict with any rules. After all, they are attendees of the event just like anyone else.

I couldn’t identify anything in the norms or terms that specifically prohibit this. If there is, please direct me to the section in question.

Also, referring to this as “farming” might be a bit misleading. The primary purpose of POAPs is to document one’s experiences and commemorate their participation in events. So, when a curator claims a POAP from an event they have attended, they are simply engaging in the same commemorative activity as any other participant.