Welcome to the POAP forum!

Welcome to the POAP forum!

The Proof of Attendance Protocol enables a new way of keeping immutable records of your memories.

POAPs are digital collectibles that celebrate life’s most precious moments. Each POAP is a gift from an issuer to collectors in celebration of a special shared event or experience.

Here are some tips for navigating this forum:

  • On the homepage, you’ll find all the forum categories with brief descriptions of the topics we’re discussing in each section.
  • The Latest tab shows your most recent conversations.
  • Feel free to introduce yourself in the Welcome Thread.


  • Please treat people with respect.
  • No spamming or scamming community members.
  • Never give your private keys or wallet access to anyone. POAP will never ask for your keys!

Questions about your POAP drop?

You can access the POAP Help Center or chat with the POAP team using the chat bubble located in the lower-right corner of all POAP websites.


This is so awesome :sunglasses: LFG!