We didn´t receive the Poap links

We just received poap links once. After that, we always receive a mail saying we´ll receive the poaps in 24 hours, but we never received them at all.
The event is tomorrow, and we want to offer 15 poaps. How can we check if the curation is ok and be confident that we will receive them today?

Thank you!

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Hi :wave: @PuentesMD

Welcome to Discourse!!

→ Please provide your event ID, & the POAP Curation Body will be happy to review your request

Note it may take up to 24hrs for us to process your request

Introduce yourself here:

Have a look at the following:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi Frankie
Poap ID #24518
Please, we need to have the links tomorrow for the event

thank you!!

Hello my name is GHGsam, I represent the GHG DAO of the Gold Hunt Game. Love POAP’s and our community does too!

#38320 - Gold Hunt Game Voice Chat 4/10/22 - Polygon Launch Party Closing Ceremony

This POAP from today still needs to be reviewed and released please and thank you.



Hope the POAP team is having an amazing day!

Wanted to follow-up as it’s been over 24 hours and the email suggested to reach out to Discourse section:

#48076 - RECUR HAPPY HOUR with C4nn4315 week#2

Was hoping to get this reviewed/updated in order to send out links.

Again much appreciated and respect the team! Thank you!