Waiting on approval for #50491

  1. #50491
  2. Community information
  1. Nature of the event
    Happening In Grimsby 2022 vendor booth
    Irl event with vendors

  2. Distribution plan
    Distributing at the booth to visitors. Via links and QR codes

  3. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Not sure hoping to find out. It used to say easier when these didn’t need approval. Hoping to get this resolved asap as we need these ready to go for the morning.

This was both a valuable learning experience and a complete waste of time. POAPs started off as an amazing idea now I feel the platform is being held back by gate keepers. I understand not wanting to have the system abused but now we don’t even have a system that can process request appropriately.

I no longer need approval as the event is long over.

Thank you.

Would really like to get feedback on why I never got approved and never received a response.

Hey @tyizer

Please check: POAP Community Code of Conduct

I’m sorry for our late reply. Do you have any contact information of the participants?

Hey there I have the contact info for crypto trustee and grimcity promotions. As for the people who would receive the POAPs we do not collect thier contact info. The event was an IRL event held in a small town. Unfortunately at the time, the only contact for the parties mentioned above was the website and the town they were operating out of as they had now fixed business address ( new businesses just getting started)

The idea behind the project was to create a POAP that would educate the average person on NFTs and POAP’s. We were hoping to give these out to average event goers and local business owners in the hopes they would adopt the POAP ecosystem for their events and their businesses.

I understand the team is working hard and they’re busy dealing with a very large amount of requests and approvals. However screening every single POAP request seems like it is overloaded the team and caused a back up. I would love to suggest a reactionary removal of POAPs that go against the terms and conditions instead of a proactive one which causes every single POAP to be screened.

I was really excited to educate my local community on NFTs and POAPs however it is something I will have to consider revisiting when the approval system is improved to become faster. In the meantime will be exploring other options.

I hope the approval system can return to the way it once was when everyone was free to create a POAP for their events and communities. Again I understand that people were abusing the system and creating things that went against the terms and services however I stand by my statement that the new approval system feels non inclusive and gate keeper-ish

Thank you for your time and services.