Waiting for Website Approval #49302

  1. Drop ID: #49302
    2 & 3. Community information and Nature of event:
    Hello POAP team! My name is Saf and I’m a 1/1 artist who is attending NFT NYC for the first time. I am creating a POAP for NFT NYC so people who scan it can not only commemorate the event but also learn about me and my art, as I am building my community and my brand. My Twitter and Instagram accounts are https://twitter.com/sapherapeters and Login • Instagram, respectively, where you can see my work. This is important for me as a 1/1 artist to build out community but also, the artwork that I am using celebrates women taking over Web3, as two women are seen climbing on the Empire State Building in the drawing (one a coder, the other an artist). Creating this as a POAP will not only help people remember NFT NYC and build my community, but it will empower women attending NFT NYC to continue building and growing in this space which is something that is super important to me as a minority woman.

  2. Distribution plan
    I have requested a website to distribute my POAP so that I can put the QR code directly on the stickers that I will be printing and handing out. My plan is to hand these out to people I meet at NFT NYC, and to stick them up outside of events for people to scan as they meet me / enter events.

  3. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I think I did not put enough information about why I am doing what I am doing, especially with there being a lot of codes requested. I hope that now that I’ve explained it better, it can be approved! Happy to answer additional questions as well :slight_smile:

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@curators Hoping to get them over the finish line ! Let me know if I can assist anywhere

thanks dllyon! @curators just wanted to check in and see the status of my petition :slight_smile:

TY @dyllon for your help!

@safrahs sorry for my late reply.
Since it’s a past event now, do you have any contact info of the attendees?