Waiting 4 days for POAP Approval

  1. #52846
  2. Community information - https://twitter.com/0xbasement (Twitter Account)
  3. Nature of the event - We are celebrating creating a newly created crypto community (several months or so) and concluding our first official vote.
  4. Distribution plan - Mint Links used via Google Sheets so each member is designated 1 poap via the link I assign them
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? - Perhaps because it’s my first time creating a poap.

Hey @cryptohermes28

TY for the info!
Curators approved 25 POAPs for this event.

Q: Who is eligible to receive the POAPs? How do you collect the contact information of the collectors? How do you plan to distribute the POAPs?

Hey Fio, thanks for the reply!

The individuals eligible to receive the POAPs are those who accepted the invitation to the discord and also those who participated in the first official vote which I have recorded. I’ve already collected all of the information of the collectors when they signed up.

I plan on distributing the POAPs by giving the POAP links one-by-one via direct message or via a special POAP discord channel.

Would it be possible to request 110 more POAPs for my event and where can I find the approved POAPs? I don’t see them in my email

Hey @cryptohermes28

Have you checked all your inboxes? Spam, promotions…?

You can request a top-up once you’ve distributed the first 25 POAPs, Curators would like yo check the distribution of the first POAPs :slight_smile:

Hi Fio,

Thanks, I was able to locate it!

My initial 25 community members were able to claim the 25 distributed POAPs, thank you so much!

Please let me know what the curators think about our first 25 claimers, as we would love to move forward with letting the rest of the 130 members claims as well!

Once again, thank you so much!

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You can request a top-up if needed :slight_smile:

Do I request a top-up through the original post?


I noticed that your top-up petition was approved for 75 POAPs, congrats! :slight_smile:

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Yup, thanks for that. I appreciate it!

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