Vote I voted POAP link request | DIA DAO CAR#014 Bitfinex | Source

Event ID: 42183
Proposal ID:0x5e896498b25b1a83694b602f6068f8fa91bbaa08862f40bde85cfab2f6936322
Community Name: diadao.eth
URL to the Proposal: Snapshot

Please note: I just filled out the google form with wrong proposal ID (actually, i needed to update the content, so proposal ID changed. Please ignore previos google form for DIA DAO CAR#14 Bitfinex.

You can see the previous form with this text “In this 14th Community Approval Request (CAR), the DIA DAO community will be voting to validate Bitfinex as a data source for the DIA Platform. DIA’s direct integration into centralised and decentralised marketplaces such as Bitfinex enables a broad and highly granular and customizable data and oracle offering for dApps.” - or with this proposal 0x0f4fbd22dcbf6ba3871cb4635ec54de47d72edcff5b47bdf55436ac647d19d0f

I’m waiting to your ping to filled out the form. If I increased your workload, please accept my apologies.

Hey @EmreDIA

Please submit the form again with the correct info :slight_smile:

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