Visa- She's Next event- UAE - 64631 I Visa- She's Next Event _KSA - 64630

Hi POAP team

Visa- She’s Next event- UAE - 64631
Visa- She’s Next Event _KSA - 64630

The secret codes for both these are not working. I am unable to claim them.
The event is currently happening now, please respond asap

Please see the image for ref


I spoke to Frank on your chat regarding this.
However, it seems there is an issue. When I copy paste the secret word it works. However when I type it its says invalid link.
Its a strange issue. Its impossible to send this secret code to so many people.
Would really appreciate if you can check this from your end.

Thank you

:wave: :ocean: @sneha

We are currently reviewing this matter. I will reply here instead of email.

You will receive an update shortly.

thank you Frankie. Appreciate it

Hi :wave: :ocean: @sneha , I have an update!

Please edit your secret word to something without the following characters [ _ " ’ ]

Please utilize the edit code from your original confirmation email.

This should :wrench: :hammer_and_wrench: fix your problem.
Avoid using those characters for now. It very rare, but some international Apple|Android keyboards
special characters can throw errors.

Best regards,
The POAP Curation Body

ok thanks for the update. great learning.
I have updated the Secret word now. Please approve at the soonest.

thank you