Valdé Beauty Launch in Decentraland

Hi! I have an event for a client on 1/27 and was issued 300 codes but I asked for 6000, just in case (inside of DCL). Then I resubmitted to ask for 1000 (after I received the 300) and the pop up confirmation stated “thanks for submitting for your QR code”, which is not what I asked for lol. I just need to have enough codes for the POAP booth in Decentraland and I think 300 is not enough😅. Thanks for anything you can expedite! Sincerely,
Astrid. Event #23397

Hi @astrid :slight_smile: ,
We usually don’t give out that many codes, especially not to new issuers.
Have you done events in the past ?
And what kind of DCL dispenser are you using ?
We recommend the Zoo Dispenser, as it has some anti-farming measures build in.
You can get it setup by contacting @zoo, either here or on his Discord server under thezoo

The term “QR code” refers to mint links in our back-end. Sry, i know it’s confusing. :sweat_smile:

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Hi! I appreciate your email, and I know you have to check out who is getting POAPS-

Yes I’ve done a lot of events!

I helped Murph over at DG with the Aluna /Metaverse Music Festival
The 100X Art week for NFTs’tips
The Searchlight NFT/NYC Metaverse Tours
BlockChain Gospel

and now this one. The Dispenser is the standard poap booth from MetaZoo, yes.

I am not a newb I promise. This is a huge event for a very big beauty brand that is going to get a lot of press, and our Musical DJ Performer will bring over a crowd as well.

Can you give me more than 300 that is really not enough lol!! WE’ll be in DECENTRALAND



Hey @astrid,
We sent you another 700 mint links. You should have 1000 in total now.