Usecase for POAP? Commemorative NFT for a virual exhibition

Hi! I would like to know if this use case works with POAP:

  • We want to commemorate a hybrid (on and offline) event with an NFT drop
  • User with a profile on the platform can fill out a form and as a goodie, he gets an NFT (created with POAP . I guess we have to create some 1.000 pieces)
  • User can connect with his wallet to receive the POAP NFT (we would integrate the POAP API to fetch an NFT for the wallet, I guess)
  • User can use his profile email address to get a deep link to a freshly generated wallet where the POAP NFT is stored (is this possible with POAP or is crossmint an alternative?)

Thanks for any recommendations or feedback!

Hey @Marko!

Thanks for bringing your ideas to the forum!

I like you want to use POAP to memorialize your event. @nfta, from the POAP Curation Body, will guide you with the use case and the best option to create and distribute your POAPs.

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Thanks @Fio !
Especially the minting, distribution and wallet-onramping is of great interest. @NFTA

Hello @Marko
Thank you for your patience. :star2: Nice to meet you! Welcome to POAP Discourse!
In order to recommend the best options for you, may you please tell me a little more about your event.
-What are you commemorating?
-When is is happening?

I see in your first point, you mention this will be a hybrid engagement, for this we generally recommend you have two separate POAP Drops, one for those that were physically present IRL and those that attend in the metaversal URL space.

For the other questions you have, these are a bit more technical and I might be able to provide a better answer once I know more. I look forward to discussing your event further.

Let me know if you have other questions about the POAP process.
:unicorn: Amanda

we have a 3D object, which we will use as giveaway/ memento for participating users (exhibition visitors). It won’t be more than that as this is a trial.

  • We want to prvide a page to explain Web3/ NFTs
  • Then the user can get his NFT
  • Either by connecting to his existing wallet
  • Or by getting the NFT in a newly generated wallet accessible via an email link

If we have one for the online users (pressing a button) or also ne for the physical venue (scanning a QR Code) we wil discuss.

Main questions:

  • How to mint the NFT?
  • API for POAP
  • onramp for non-wallet users: generating a wallet on te fly and send access-URL via emailm possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @NFTA , do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hey @Marko

I don’t fully understand your event/use-case, but here are some useful links:

  • By “How to mint the NFT”? you mean “How to mint the POAP”?
    This is explained in this Help Center article

  • API request is here: API Access, please make sure you read all the documentation before requesting credentials.

  • On-ramp for non-wallet users: POAPs can be reserved via email. Users simply need to input their email addresses into the POAP app. You can find more info in this Help Center article.

Let us know if you have more questions!