URGENT: Only 50 of 250 Mint codes received for #50472

Hey there,

Thank you for approving the drop #50472. We’re going to have a TwitterSpace tonight (CET) and want to let all participants mint their POAP for their loyalty at this special occasion.

Distribution shall happen via secret word at the end of the space. Usuay I give people 3 minutes to mint with secret word to make sure only real attendees mint it.

Unfortunately, only 50 mint spots have been granted from the 250 requested. How can I get the remaining 200 spots.

To be honest, 250 is probably way to less as tonight we’re going to reveal the Metashima NFT collection. The Placeholder NFT will be replaced by the actual artwork and metadata.

In the last regular Metashima Meetup we’ve had 100 people minting a POAP via secret word (drop #48587). For this special event, which we’re awaiting for weeks, it will be way more attendees for sure. I expect 300-500 mints but I wanted to stay reasonable and requested only 250, in order to request the exact missing number of mint links post event for the ones that can proof attendance (Screenshot of Space/submit support ticket in Discord)

Feel free to check out the project that’s going to be revealed tonight: www.metashima.com.

Please release another 200 mint spots to be minted via secret word for the drop Metashima Reveal #50472 or let me know what else you need from me to approve the total of 250 Mint spots. Just 50 won’t work for sure, then we would need to skip the POAP entirely.

Many thanks and have a great one!

I have requested another 200 spots in the manage secret section (again). Can you please approve. The event is starting in less than two hours. I need to know what I can announce.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

My request for the additional 200 secret spots was successful and I received the confirmation e-mail. THANK YOU!

Any hints from your side in how to make sure to get the exact amount of requested codes?


:wave: :ocean: @Zelotes

Congrats!! 50472 was reviewed with positive results.

We are preparing to publish a policy document that will create more transparency around POAP Curation matters.

We look forward to reviewing your future drop requests.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Here is an informal overview from my personal perspective

  1. Reliability + Trust

Have you distributed a drop this large before, what information do we have that supports this.

  1. Need
    Do you actually need the amount you requested.

  2. Distribution results
    Does the data from your distribution represent your need + petition accurately .

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