Urgent! Need request more codes for #52089

Hi dear POAP team!
Sorry to disturb you, but we are in a very urgent situation. We are requesting more codes for #52089 - We are commemorating the people who vote 5 times in MUA Design Awards| 2022-I - 2022, and e have been waiting for some days, but still have not got more codes, and all the first 100 code have already been minted out, and tehre are more like 400 participants, could you pls help us to speed it up?
BTW, if you would like to know that how do we determine participation, here is our way:
People must mint a Badge(we have our own Badge system in website: https://muadao.build/)
and then they must go to our gallery to vote(MUA), when they vote for 5 times, then our website will know this, and make sure only people who voted 5 times are eligible to get the POAP.
Best regards.


:ocean: :wave:@OwenG

Congrats!! Your petition has been reviewed with positive results for 150 Mint-links :star2: :dizzy:
Please distribute the additional 150 Mint-links.

As long as the distribution is successful, & your still require more Mint-links…
The Curation Body will likely be able to make a positive review of your next top-up request in full.
( Not exceeding 500)

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi Frankie!
Thanks for the links! We all appreciate your quick feedback very much!

Best regard
Owen from MUA DAO

Hi @frankie !

Thanks again for your links. Could you pls send us more Mint-links? Our community has a huge growth in those days, I think at least 500 Mint-links will be needed. You are welcome to our discord: MUA DAO and welcome to take a look on our works in: MUA. There you can feel the passions of our community and the huge growth in last days.

Best Regards

Hey @OwenG

Kindly check: Urgent!More code Request for #52089