Urgent! Need approval for NFT NYC IN person event tonight June 23. 7p EST

  1. Drop ID + Website : #51743 - IRL Blockchain NYC NFT.NYC Event - 2022

  2. Community information
    Blockchain NYC is an educational community for people learning and leading the conversation on Blockchain. It’s the largest local meetup in New York. I am currently the newest community organizer lead and will be leading initiatives to keep our community engaged.


  1. Nature of the event :
    We have reached 10,000+ members in our meetup group and will be celebrating by releasing this POAP. We are distributing via the POAP website in person at the event in the city to approximately 200 members who remain at the event during our trivia.

  2. Distribution plan

Distributing in person via POAP Website QR code after our trivia game! Link will only be accessible while the event is live and ongoing.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Assuming stuck in Backlog due to volume! Sorry!

Hey @Histakes

Congrats on becoming the community organizer lead!
I would like discuss your POAP petition #51743.
Since your event is in-person, we recommend & insist on the use of
Mint Links + Magic QR dispenser.
You originally requested the website distribution method-
The Magic QR Code Dispenser is the best option for in person in real life (IRL) event such as yours.
It can be displayed across multiple devices + mediums:

Additionally, If you want to print POAP claim codes to hand out in person, we recommend using POAPs.agency. (They can be printed or placed on objects).

Let us know if you have any questions!

Thank You!
All the Best,
The Curation Body

Thanks Julie,

The event has now passed and only some of our community was able to mint on website - 11 people, despite having our website approved for 200. We now need to re-issue virtually.

I have created another drop here which we can use the dispenser for…
#51952 - Blockchain NYC NFT.NYC 10K Members Party (Virtual)

Can you approve ASAP?


Can you verify that the website isn’t working?
You were approved for the website and the other event 51952 is currently under review.

Hi Julie,

The event took place in person on Thursday June 23, 7p ET. I created the website and drop according to all of the policies. I set the drop to last only until 11:59pm that night which was when the event ended because I wanted to guard against misuse/farming etc. as directed. Only 11 people were able to redeem. everyone else at the event (100+) was unable to redeem live and told me at the event that they had issues. I even tried to share the direct website link with a friend to double check and the website itself failed.

As we’re now much past the event window, I’d like to reissue a POAP drop to our community that wasn’t able to redeem. Can you please approve the reissued drop?

#51952 - Blockchain NYC NFT.NYC 10K Members Party (Virtual)

Hi All - any update?

Hello! @Histakes

event #51592 is being held due to having the exact same artwork as the IRL event.
The artwork for each instance would have to be unique.

And since this is a past event and you requested mint links - how will you be distributing the mint links to people?

Thank You!

Hi Julie,

Can we make an exception for the artwork since it was supposed to be distributed previously? It’s for the same event and a remedy for our community so we would prefer the same artwork.

We were going to use Magic QR dispenser for this but can use whatever you suggest!

Hi Julie,

Is there any way an exception can be made? Or is it mandatory we generate entirely new artwork for the same event? We’d like all the artwork to be the same.

Hey @Histakes

We’ll check with Curators and let you know once they have rechecked your latest petition!

Q: how do you plan to distribute the mint links? How do you verify participation?