Urgent!More code Request for #52089

Greetings! Dear POAP teams! Sorry to disturb you in weekend, but we do need more codes… it’s quite urgent, last time I requested for 400 codes but only received 150 codes, and those codes are already minted out. Here is the info about this POAP:

  1. Drop ID #52089
  2. Community information
    MUA DAO white paper: MUADAO White Paper - MUA DAO

MUA DAO website: https://muadao.build/

MUA DAO twitter: https://twitter.com/MUA_MUADAO

MUA DAO Telegram: Telegram: Contact @MUADAO


MUA DAO Twitch: Twitch
2. Nature of the event
We are commemorating the people who vote 5 times in MUA Design Awards| 2022-I, this is our first competition in our community, those people who voted for the works are earyly supporter of MUA DAO
3. Distribution plan
People must mint a Badge(we have our own Badge system in website: https://muadao.build/ )
and then they must go to our gallery to vote(MUA), when they vote for 5 times, then our website will know this, and make sure only people who voted 5 times are eligible to get the POAP
4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
My request for more codes has just been declined T.T, but why declined my request? We are so urgent and this is a trualy high quality event, you can take a look on our website. PLZZZZZZ, help us and send us more codes, our communty members have waited for days.

Best regards

Hi dear POAP team!
Just received the new 50 codes, I do appreciate the codes, but 50 codes are far not enough for our community, recently, we have a huge grwoth in our members, you can check how many people voted for the brilliant works of community: MUA. And see the passions of our community in MUA DAO
Could you pls kindly send us 500 more codes?

Best regards

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Hey @OwenG

Petition #52089 was approved for 300 POAPs so far. And the drop was pretty seriously compromised :confused: Check out all the addresses with tremendous numbers of POAPs:

Q: How are you distributing the POAPs? Who is eligible to receive them?

Hi @Fio! Thanks for the reply! Thanks for the reply.
Here is our answer about the eligibility and distribution:
Only people who voted 5 times in our website will be eligible, and our devs has already made an anti-bot function, so only real person can vote 5 times and get the be eligible. Once our system confirmed a eligible person, there will be a tip showed up in the right bottom of our website, then they can click the tip and get the mint link.

Best regards

Hey @OwenG

Thanks for the effort to avoid farming.
Unfortunately, something’s not working since still we found that many farmers minted the POAP :confused:

An anti-bots system is not necessarily an anti-farmers system. Curators can’t approve more POAPs for this drop.

Please check the POAP Quality Guidelines and let us know if you have any questions.

Hey @Fio
I don’t quite understand about the “farmer” you said. Do you mean the people who have lots of POAPs? But they are real person and they might just love POAPs and so they participated lots of events?
If they are real people and helped vote for our works. They should be awarded with POAPs imo🤔

Hey @OwenG

Farmers don’t add any value to your community or ours.
They’re people/bots who are only after free NFTs and they collect POAPs from events they didn’t attend and they try to collect as many as possible.

POAP is a curated ecosystem for the preservation of memories. If we (issuers and Curators) allow farming, the protocol lacks of value.
Petitions that lack a responsible distribution plan are rejected by Curators.