Urgent id #53731 + #53732

  1. DROP ID #53731 + #53732

  2. Drop at physical concerts of the @jovabeachparty tour by artist @lorenzojova, in partnership with @superduperhats (more than 30K attendants per each concert)

  3. Physical concert

  4. Mint links

  5. Needing the links ASAP for concerts on Wed 13 Jul and Sat 17 Jul. previous four dropped already approved by curation board (sent project details via email) still these two upcoming drops were requested one week ago and still NO LINKS. Asking for your support thanks

:wave: :ocean:@superduper

Can you expand on your distribution? Any more information for the physical concert.

The project nature, featuring brand SUPERDUPER (@superduperhats | superduperhats.com) and Italian iconic singer Jovanotti (@lorenzojova) during his summer tour Jova Beach Party 2022 (@jovabeachparty).

Basically for every concert we are issuing POAP celebrating the concert date, as we want to create a commmunity of POAP holders around the tour

@frankie I already shown a PDF presentation to @Fio and @julie and they approved the drops, let me know if you have an email address where I can send it so you can easily check our designs etc

Hi Frankie,
Thanks for the reply.

I replied on discourse, please reach out anytime for anything.


Hey @superduper
Congrats, looks like your petitions received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body