URGENT: Appeal a negative review for duplication

  1. Drop ID: 70606

  2. Community information

POAP issued by Carnaval Art
Website: www.carnaval.art
Twitter: @carnavalartnft
Insta: @carnavalartnft

  1. Nature of the event

We are celebrating the FIAP 2022 awards. Carnaval is collaborating with FIAP and we are in charge of creating the POAP.

  1. Distribution plan

There will be a livestream with a QR code to a POAP website.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

I submitted another petition previously that got accepted for mint links for the magic QR dispenser (ID 70589). However, I realised this delivery method wouldn’t work for the event so I wanted to use a POAP website instead. I submitted a new petition but I believe it got rejected for duplicated artwork or other duplication. Would it be possible to get rid of the POAP for the QR Dispenser (ID 70589) and instead approve the POAP website (ID 70606)

Hello @carnavalart

The petition did not get reviewed negatively for duplicate artwork.
The drop was reviewed negatively because a website is not the proper use case for your event.

Your event requires the use of mint links and the POAP KIOSK (Magic QR Code Dispenser)

Hi Julie! @julie

Thank you for your response. The thing is we want to put a fixed QR code during a livestream that would take them to the POAP website. A magic QR dispenser wouldn’t work because it needs to be updated live.

Again, we just want to to put a still picture of the QR, not the live one that automatically updates.

Would it thus be possible to approve the POAP website?

Thanks i’m advance

Hello @carnavalart

As i previously stated

Hello @julie

Ok. If I can’t use a website, the magic QR dispenser still does not work for what we need.

I just submitted another petition for a POAP secret word (Drop ID: 70944) which would still work for the event and that still got rejected. Is there any way that can be accepted.

I reiterate, the previously accepted mint links do not work for what we are trying to do and I’m trying to find another solution.

Thank you

Hello @carnavalart

The proper distribution method for your event is the POAP KIOSK and mint links.


I reiterate, while POAP KIOSK might work for some livestreams, we won’t be able to have a live QR code that updates. I know how to set up a POAP Kiosk, that is not the problem. The problem is this DOES NOT work for our the way we are setting up the stream. We are only able to use a static image or a secret word.

Is there any other distribution method we could use?

Hey @carnavalart :wave:
A secret word is also fine, but please reduce the mint window to 15 minutes or less.
Also, please request the secret word from the original drop that was already approved for the mint links.
You can request multiple distribution methods for the exact same drop, you don’t need to request a new one.
Just visit the issuer portal for secret words and enter your drop id with the edit code you received. (drop 70589)

Sorry for the confusion that this has caused !
Let me know if you have any other questions.