Trying to post approval request, keeps getting spam filtered by Akismet

Hi, I’ve tried twice now to post here to get help with an upcoming POAP drop (id #34435 - Legend Maps Adventurers Mint Announcement), following the format requested, by both times I’ve gotten a message the post was hidden by Akismet for being spam. Not sure what I can do. Please help!

Can you try answering the questions provided in the template? See About the Appeals category for reference.

I did follow the template in the two posts earlier, but both were rejected by akismet as “spam.” Appreciate your help!!

Can a moderator please look at and unhide my appeals post? It was hidden as spam, not sure what I can do. post #3993

Also note while my situation has been addressed (thanks!), this is probably happening to lots of other people – someone should take a look at your Akismet configuration to prevent false positives.

Hey @tonyrobots

I’ll check the bot :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up!

Discourse allows for a trust-based method of community initiation, and as a community, the POAP ecosystem depends a lot on trust and good will between issuers and curators. In order to post in #community:appeals, you need to have spent at least 10 minutes on the forum, or read 30 posts (individual entries under a topic).