Top-up Petition for approval of #33783 Ukraine Fundraiser (mispelling in png)

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Top-up petition request for my original post due to POAP #33783 not being approved. Please consider re-reviewing my POAP due to the PNG file having an incorrect spelling (Fundraiser vs Funraiser in the original POAP claim #33279). I would like to send out POAP with correct spelling on the image. :slight_smile:

Original post:

On 3/15, I requested a POAP event for a Ukrainian Fundraiser in Decentraland under #33279. When I submitted that POAP, I had noticed after submission the png had an incorrect spelling. (PNG has “Ukraine Funraiser” instead of funDraiser). This POAP got approved for 50 links. Due to the mispelling, I do not want to issue POAP links with misspelled POAPs.

To correct this, I went ahead and issued a new POAP request (event #33783) containing the correct png image with “Ukraine Fundraiser”, and total correct POAP . I originally requested 50, but will need 86 links (event is over and that is the total # of wallet addresses collected). You will see that the image submitted under this request has Ukraine Fundraiser spelled right.

Is there a way I can get event #33783 approved for 86 links? Feel free to cancel the original POAPS from event 33279 to obtain the approval for 33783.

Thank you,



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