The POAP Community Call is Raffling a LilNoun!

Listeners of the POAP Community Calls have been amazing supporters of many cutting edge community tools.

The past few months, listeners have been making small donations when claiming their POAP which has built a small Community Call treasury.

Call hosts have decided to activate the treasury to start giving back back to these special community members - the collectors!

Lil Noun #2965 has been purchased and will be raffled off!

Funds Withdrawn

.18 ETH

Eligible POAPs

POAP Community Call #29 - #41

POAP Community Tool

Raffle via Revv

How to Participate?

  1. Go to POAP Community Call Raffle website,
  2. Connect your wallet,
  3. Revv will display how many entries you have available If you hold at least 1 eligible POAP,
  4. Click the “Enter Raffle” button,
  5. Enter your email address within the pop-up,
  6. Confirm by clicking “Confirm Raffle Entry”,
  7. Verify ownership of your wallet by signing a message,
  8. If successful, you will see a confirmation appear at the bottom of the screen!

Who Wins?
Winners will be announced during the POAP Community Call on November 2nd, 2022.

See you there!


Very excited to be able to give back to our listeners with a Lil Noun! The Nouns are changing the game when it comes to governance, and to give a listener the opportunity to be able to participate in it is what Web 3 is all about!


Amazing!! I’m already participating :slight_smile:

Im in!!

I know this is worth it! No matter join the Community Call or pay for the POAP claim.
I’m IN! :laughing: :star_struck: :sunglasses:

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