The first sporting event in Portugal to accept blockchain needs POAP!


  2. I need to have more links to my event in Portugal, it’s the Madeira Experience, and around 3000 participants showed up. and I liked to do these participation NFTs with Poap. this is the first sporting event in Portugal to accept Cryptocurrencies, to give participation NFTs (with POAP) and winners NFTs (at Opensea)

  1. in all the other events they gave me 1000 links, and that was perfect, but the most important thing, which is football, they only gave me 200 and I would like to have at least 3000 if possible, this project has already been talked about by Fabrizio Romano, and we are sponsored by Red Bull, so I would appreciate the support by Poap for this to be possible

Fabrizio Romano is the best journalist in the sports world and Red Bull is the biggest sponsor of sports so I think that poap aparceer here would be a great win win for both me if I have the 3000 Links and for Poap for the level of this project.
3. I wanted with POAP to be able to make raffles for all participants and vote on the best moments of games by all participants of the tournament, which in this case would have the NFTs of POAP participation.

  1. if this with POAP goes well and red bull and more sports brands will see the fisto potential and so they may want to work with POAP which would only be a bonus for the company.

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