The 100 POAP Project

Hi all – I’m hoping this post is okay here.

I’m planning to launch a fun exercise and grow a supportive community around the idea of journaling.

The 100 POAP Project is an exercise to help develop the good habit of daily journaling within the emerging digital collectible identity ecosystem. Each day, for 100 days, we’ll mint a POAP for our community to claim.

Those who claim the POAP will be encouraged to use WeLook to share something they saw, thought about or experienced using a community-designed template.

I’m quite new to daily journaling – It’s something I’ve only done since the start of 2023 but I can already see that it’s helped clear my mind each day. I think it would be healthy to bring together a group of people who are looking to go on this journey together.

If you think this is rad and want to participate, I started a super basic Discord server here. Once we have a handful of committed participants we can get started!