Stop punishing the issuers

Being punished with denials and no responses because some of the poap collectors that attended my event are considered poap farmers. I personally DM 200-300 individuals with their code, and now I’m expected to vet each of the participants and not send them to people that have a ton of other poaps already. I agree that punishing the issuers here is completely wrong. Are you even aware of the asian markets pumping up the poap collections by requiring people own so many poaps of any kind to be whitelisted for projects. But if they attend my event, who am I or you to tell them they don’t get the participation prize because they’re already participating in too many poap events.


Hey @beattheodds ,

We’re more aware of this problem than you know. What you’re describing is part of a pervasive problem that the POAP ecosystem has with cybersecurity. The individuals you’re defending don’t have the health or well-being of your community in mind, and are basically hunting for future airdrops. If the Proof of Attendance Protocol has a mission of creating a reliable, secure, and high-integrity ecosystem for the preservation of memories, the farming issue creates not only unnecessary load on the infrastructure, but also presents a real risk to that mission. For every issuer like you who doesn’t care about who gets the POAPs, there are others that care a lot (because POAPs are intended to have a particular significance or utility to them and their communities), or who get needlessly harassed by people used to abusing the protocol.

At this time, we’re only able to work with issuers who care about dropping responsibly. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines.
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It is ridiculous! Last 2 POAP requests I received none. I will no longer be using this service. At this rate POAP’s will be phased out. If you can’t adapt, then you will fail.