Still haven’t received codes ID 40944

  1. Event ID: 40944

  2. Community information:
    IG Whoisrena - Login • Instagram

TikTok Whoisrena - RENA (@whoisrena) TikTok | Watch RENA’s Newest TikTok Videos

  1. Nature of the event:
    POAP for live music events and for social media virtual events for Rena Jones’ single release

  2. Distribution Method:
    Through live events and virtual events

  3. Why do you believe this petition is being held:
    Ive spoken with Chirsti on your website and I now understand the confusion thats going on. We plan on distributing our drop through Live and virtual events where Rena performs and does Q/A’s. We want to distribute it using your “Poap Secrets” method. This should make it very easy to distribute 750 Poaps with Rena’s following ( thousands of followers and millions of likes). Ive also added onto the original Poap drop’s description and added links as requested by Christi. Ive also read through your articles and FAQs so I now have a great understanding on how your platform works. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience so we can move forward. Cheers and thank you.

Hey @RJrecords

Are you distributing this POAP for a particular event or for events in general?

I see you only requested a petition for Mint Links (not Secret Word). Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to submit a Secrets petition: How Do I Set Up a POAP Secret? | POAP Help Center

Its for multiple events over time. But yes we want to primarily use Secret Words. Ive gone forward and created the secret word. I requested 100 this time because I dont want to run into this same problem, that being said Im pretty sure we will run through 100 quickly. Will it be an easy process to ask for more on the fly? Thanks for your help in advance. Cheers.

Hey @RJrecords

POAPs are minted as an attestation to a collector’s attendance (physical, virtual, or spiritual) at an event. Each POAP is a proof of attendance to a particular event. That’s why you can’t issue a POAP for multiple events.

Also we believe you need to reconsider your distribution method as Secret Word doesn’t seem to be the appropriate distribution method for your use case.
Common use cases for Secrets are digital meetups like Twitter Spaces or Discord stages where you can share the Secret verbally and close the minting window after the drop ends.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

All these events have to do with the same thing, Rena’s release of her single. We want to reward her fans who attend her early-live and early-virtual meetups. So for us to cut through any confusion on the claiming process, we will let her fans know to download your app and we will give them the secret phrase at each event. If you prefer it, we will end the mint after her first event and request another batch if that fixes what you’re referring to… But we are confident we can handle it either way. We are well versed in web3 and will efficiently handle the distribution. Would truly appreciate it if we can move forward. Thank you.

Touching base. I would like to get this clarified today so that I can share the mechanics of your platform with the rest of the label Monday. I’ve made necessary changes multiple times to better accommodate what your team considers to be the best path forward. Again, we are completely confident with the “Secret Phrase” method and think it’s the most user friendly for newcomers to the NFT space. We’re looking forward to using your platform for this drop and many others for our other artists in the near future. I look forward to finally getting this finalized so we can move forward. Thank you again.

Touching base once again Fio. Haven’t heard back and we would love to move forward and get this done. Would highly appreciate your help at your earliest convenience. Cheers.

Hey @RJrecords

Sorry for the delay.
As you’re planning your POAP drop, the Secret can be leaked and all your POAPs would be stolen. That’s why Secret is not a good option for this use case.

The appropriate way would be to create different drops for different events.

Which is the first event you’re planning? What’s the nature of it and how do you plan to distribute the POAPs?

Please remember that according to our guidelines, drops that lack a responsible distribution plan are negatively reviewed.

I recommend contacting the POAP Customer Support team so they can help you find a suitable method for your event.

We are only requesting 100 Poaps (we lowered it from 750 as we were instructed) so I don’t understand the context of how you can subjectively decide that it’s not a good use case for us. We’ve already talked to Customer Support multiple times and they lead us to select Secret Phrase as the best option. Our first event is May 10 and it virtual event where she performs on the Roblox platform. We expect the low number of 100 Poaps to immediately be used up because of Renas reach (millions of impressions). Then our plan is to request more Poaps with a NEW secret phrase each time we have a virtual or live event that all have to do with the release of her single. This creates fail safes so that we are able to change the secret phrase after every event (also changed the dates so that it’s a smaller window for redemption). This is also the reason why we are asking for such a low amount of Poaps for the size of her reach. So we can layer the distribution. I’ve also read though all your guidelines since this has been such a process so far trying to get this done…and theres nothing that should be designating us as being labeled as “irresponsible” in regards to being able to distribute a 100-piece drop properly. This curation process seems to be extremely subjective, so at this point I’d like to speak to another person on your curation team or to Patricio and/or any of the other execs in charge if you’re unable to help us move forward.

With all this being said, I’m sorry if we are coming off as a little frustrated at this point… But we’ve been lead in circles so far on something that should be simple and straightforward; and furthermore with us being heavily involved with the NFT space (Curio, WOW, RarePepes etc) since 2017, it was not our expectation that this would be such a gated and subjective process. In all; not the ethos of web3… Nonetheless I hope to finally get this done so we can move forward. Cheers and look forward to your reply. Thank you Fio.

Hi @RJrecords , thanks for your patience.

First, please understand that curation is by definition, subjective. Responsible issuer behavior (meaning: behavior that contributes to the health and welfare of the POAP ecosystem) is something that we value highly. Quality distribution is part of that, and patience with the process is another. As POAP drives towards progressive decentralization, we recognize that we may not, at this stage, be a perfect fit for every issuer - which sometimes results in the experience of a “gated, subjective process”. We accept that as the cost of stewarding the protocol responsibly, and want POAP to ultimately be home to a high caliber of special memories.

That being said:

  1. Each performance is to be considered a separate event, which should require separate creative and copy. These are experienced by different people, at different times and in different places. There isn’t much of a case here – you may have a series of POAPs related to the release.
  2. Distribution particularly for virtual events is always platform specific, and secrets are more or less never sanctioned for use on virtual platforms in the way you’re anticipating. Roblox doesn’t presently have a platform-native delivery method, which is the sole reason a secret may be your best route.

The best I can support is that we try one, and see how it goes. If you wind up with ample exploitation, I’m afraid we won’t be able to support the use case until delivery methods for your platform of choice are made available.

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I appreciate your response Isabel and have heard and digested all the points you and your team have brought up. On our end: our team feels confident to move forward and we appreciate that you are supportive in trying a drop and then taking things from there based on the results. I will personally keep you updated as we finish the drop and look forward to seeing if you have any suggestions post-drop.

Should I go ahead and request the “Secret Phrase” again or will the last request we sent you be activated? Whatever works easiest for you will work for us, just let me know. Thank you again Isabel and thank you Fio as well. Look forward to your reply. Cheers.

Hey @RJrecords

Ok cool!
We need you to make your Secret Word more complex. Secrets should not be composed solely of words from your drop title or description, as this allows bad actors to brute-force your Secret and farm your POAPs. Best practice is to use a word completely unrelated to your POAP.

To update your Secret, visit the Secrets admin panel, enter your Drop ID (40944) and the edit code you were emailed after creating your drop. On the page that follows, you’ll be able to modify the ‘Secret Name’ field for your drop.

Please also update the mint window. The window of time that your Secret is available for minting POAPs is too long. This increases the likelihood that your Secret is leaked.
Please reduce your window of time to the shortest possible (preferably minutes, rather than hours) to decrease the chances of this happening.

Let us know if you have any questions.

All the best,
The POAP Curtion Body

Hey Fio! We’ve gone ahead and made the secret more complex. Let me know if thats up to your standards, if not we have no problem changing it further. We’ve updated the minting window to be under an hour as well. Look forward to finalizing everything, thank you again for taking the time to figure things out with us. Truly appreciated Fio, cheers.