Still awaiting approval

  1. Drop ID : #54911 and #54756

  2. Community information
    Our team at Chain Debrief is a Web3 media company and we also own an NFT collection called Enlightened Rats.
    Links: ,,

  3. Nature of the event
    Chain Debrief’s mission is to educate the mass public about web3, cryptocurrency and blockchain. With that, we have launched a learning platform called Nexus. We would like to reward our users’ learning participation with a POAP. This is will serve as a badge or certification of participation of Nexus.

  4. Distribution plan: #54911 will be distributed with unique mint links.
    #54756 will be distributed with delivery whitelist (delivery created here: POAP - The bookmarks of your life)

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Nexus have partnered with credible companies like Polygon and Luno to curate learning materials for our community members. Our team hope to give our members some poap as “proof of learning” so they feel empowered to learn more about crypto. Our members would also be able to collect more POAPs for rewards exchange in the future.

Hey @rxginax

Thanks for the context.
We have some questions:

1- How do you plan to send the mint links?
2- How are you verifying participation?
3- For the delivery petition: How did you collect the addresses?

Hi Fio,

  1. How do you plan to send the mint links?
    For Drop ID: 54911, we plan to distribute the unique mint links to our users via email. Each user will only receive their unique claim link via email.

  2. How are you verifying participation?
    For Drop ID: 54911. We will be verifying the participation by their quiz submissions on Nexus. Only quiz submissions and correct/ unique wallet address provided will be sent the POAP token via email. The quiz submission is also cached to avoid bots and spam.

  3. For the delivery petition: How did you collect the addresses?
    For Drop ID: 54756. For this drop, users who completed the quiz will provide their wallet addresses within the quiz submission. The quiz is cached to avoid duplication and spam submissions. The wallet addresses are then vet through one last time before being submitted to delivery whitelist for POAP claim.

Thank you!

Hey @rxginax

TY for the info!

Congrats! Petition 54911 was approved for 75 mint links.
You can request a top-up after distributing the first 75 mint links.

And petition 54756 was also approved :clap:

Let us know if you have any questions!


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