Special Guest Speaker POAP given every AMA/Twitter Space/etc. (Is this possible?)

Hey team!

First thing, my company’s first community POAP distribution was a success thanks in huge part to your help. We massively appreciate the assistance.

Anyway, we are a Web 3 gaming company called OP Games. Part of our many initiatives includes internal and inter-project AMA’s, podcasts, Discord Stages, Twitter Spaces interviews and dialogues with game developers, game company founders and even active community members.

We were wondering if there was a way to set up an honorary “Guest Speaker” token via POAP that would allow us to give one or two (depending on how many speakers) every now and then when an event takes place.

Is this possible? Is it as simple as creating an event on the POAP site each time and just asking for 1-5 codes? Is it okay to request for such a small number of the same art work multiple times (possibly forever)? Would you need us to make the artwork slightly different each time?

Hope I have articulated my inquiry well enough. Thanks!

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Hey, this is a great question - the use case is interesting. My suggestion would be to break it up into seasons, so that you can attest someone as a “Season One Guest Speaker” (and so forth). You can also do a retroactive issuance to past speakers.

The case you’re describing - requesting 1-5 POAPs - is acceptable, as long as you’re doing separate drops. Adding the date and speakers names or title of the talk to the POAPs as dynamic elements would get you around the “slightly different” issue. But I like the concept of breaking the talks up into seasons better.

Hope this helps!

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Hey @isabel

Thanks for this. I was discussing with the team and we thought if possible, this might be the easiest way to do it: Yearly.

We’re thinking a single guest speaker POAP for each year. For example, OPG Guest Speaker 2022. This way we would only have to make 1 artwork for it per year. Is it possible to request for say, 50 of these and have them claimable until Jan 1st, 2023?



Totally doable. Thanks for asking!