Sorry about all the PoaAPs! Last one I promise

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  2. Submitting tis PoAP on behalf of FWB :slight_smile: On 02/27/22 we gathered as a community to hack on the challenges that creatives currently face entering and navigating Web3. We asked you to dream big on how we can use the technology to dramatically change and improve the creator landscape & economy and the results were nothing short of inspiring. In partnership with Rally and Judged by: Mike Bodge Yuri Beats Ruby Thelot Laura Jaramillo ILoveMakonnen VÉRITÉ Mahesh Vellanki Alex Hooven Brian Mark Matthew Stone Haleek Maul Maya Bakhai With unreleased D&B performances by ASC and Matt FX
    Please add any socials, Discord links, or other information that Curators may find useful.

  3. Hackathon :slight_smile:

  4. Discord and email!

  5. I think because I’m new to PoAP and made a lot of mistake ones D:


You can find the Event ID here:

Can you please share it with us so we can help you?

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