Some POAPs have not been approved

Hi, I’d be grateful if you guys can review these events.

I’m a moderator for a community, and I have recently been given responsibility for getting POAPs out for the weekly community events that we run, I work with a person named Inxe, and I believe she’s opened a discussion with you guys on Mar 5, please excuse me for the following information being copy-pasted from my co-worker as it’s pretty much the same.

The MetaTravelers ( ) run weekly events for their community members and reward regular engagement with POAPs.

These usually are small events, or puzzles, for the dedicated members and have between 5-50 valued members of the community attending.

Some of these are just mint link requests and others are for deliveries

Following are the IDs of Events, and where applicable the Delivery IDs

Decentraland events:
#29090 - MetaTravelers DCL Headhunter FEB1722
#1574 - MetaTravelers DCL Headhunter FEB1722

For these two following events, I requested 0 mint links according to a co-worker’s advice on how to create deliveries so that our members can claim the POAPs straight from the website instead of using the mint links. I’m not sure if I’ve done anything wrong or missed any steps but I haven’t received a “confirmation email” as said in the “New POAP Drop created” email

#30567 - MetaTravelers DCL Explorer POAP FEB2422

#30568 - MetaTravelers DCL Headhunter FEB2422

Thanks for you time

Hey @Aendy

Thanks for the context.

As I can see, #1574 - MetaTravelers DCL Headhunter FEB1722 has only 3 addresses on the list, is this ok? We suggest using mint links if the list of addresses is small.

I couldn’t find any delivery petitions for events 30567 and 30568, have you already submitted them?

Hi @Fio

I believe that I’ve already requested some mint links for the #1574 - MetaTravelers DCL Headhunter FEB1722 but haven’t received any following email with the mint links.

As for events 30567 and 30568, sorry, I was confused during the process, I haven’t submitted delivery petitions for them cuz I thought I needed to wait for a confirmation email or any following emails. I initially requested 0 links for the two events because one of my co-workers said that we should request 0 if we want to deliver the POAPs through the claim on website method. After I’ve submitted the events, I received this email, then I wait if there would be any following emails. (I’m not sure if you can view the image cuz it just appears as codes when I’m typing this reply)

As I recall the number of attendees for events 30567 and 30568 was minimal too, would it be okay if I re-submit new events in place of these two? they would have the same information and dates as 30567 and 30568 but this time I’ll request some mint links instead of requesting 0 mint links.

So you would need:

29090 for mint links :point_right: How do you plan to distribute them?

You could request a top-up for 30567 and 30568, since the events are already created :slight_smile:

For event 29090, we have already had private channels for each event so we will be distributing the mint links through those.

Great ty, I’ll go ahead and request a top-up for 30567 and 30568!

Would you mind checking out these following events too? My friend, Inxe, mentioned that these might be missing also
#28985 - MetaTravelers DCL Explorer POAP JAN2022
#28990 - MetaTravelers DCL Explorer POAP FEB0322

#28985 and #28990 were negatively reviewed as they all use the same artwork (each artwork should be unique). For future drops, you can change the date or number on the artwork.

I’ll send the info to Curators so they can review #29090 again.

Congrats, looks like your petition 29090 received a positive review.
You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body