Some community metrics and the need for more 💗

Whilst the Poap community is growing rapidly with over 2,700 people joining in a little over six months, it is noticeable that very few have risen above ‘Basic’ level (2,046 people) as seen in the graphic below.

It gives the impression that maybe most visitors are only turning up to issue appeals and if we really are to move towards a more decentralised state (an aspiration of The Foundation), the community will need to find more ‘Members’, ‘Regulars’ and ‘Leaders’ in order to thrive.

Fortunately, reaching ‘Member’ status (trust level 2) is not too difficult.
Trust 2

‘Regulars’ are the next step up after ‘Member’ and whilst these people will be vital for the community moving forward, reaching this level is not easy. Apart from visiting 3-4 times a week (on average), one of the requirements is to receive 20 likes and give out 30 and whilst this doesn’t seem excessive, apart from @Fio and @Frankie showering the community (338 and 131 likes respectively), sadly there’s not a lot of likes going down!

Getting people into higher trust levels is in everyone’s interests and as a starter, we could make newcomers feel welcome by liking any introduction made in the ‘Introduce yourself’ post. First impressions are important and imagine how good a newcomer would feel by getting 5 or 6 likes just by saying hello?

It might trigger a domino effect where community members feel more enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge, views, hacks and more and as the community loosens up and shows their appreciation more readily, the Poap ecosystem might just become one big, love-in…



Hey. You’re cool, just wanted to let you know that. This reply is a little late, but something that’s of interest and concern to us, so – yeah, just wanted to let you know that you’re seen and appreciated, and we should probably feature posts like this somewhere.


Does the trust level between Basic and Member affect POAP petitions in any way?

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Hi @Hegemony, the trust levels described here don’t affect POAP petitions in any way.

They are purely for Discourse (ie. this forum).

Thankyou for your kind words @Isabel.

I’m a great believer in POAP and I know that a strong community is absolutely essential for its future success, like any web3 project.

As the great Helen Keller once said:

Wow thanks for the inf, really this is unique. You are awesome and likewise I think we can do it. Lets gooo!!!

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Thanks Mr T, love the positive energy you always bring :heartpulse:


This is definitely something that we will be looking into in the coming weeks!

I agree that the current trust system is not designed the best for engaging community members, we hope to solve it soon!


Hi @Anthony, it seems that you have kick-started the like-fest with your conversation starter regarding Poap Ethics so great job! :heartpulse: