Solution to find POAP reserve by email option abusers

GM ,

As everyone know reserve POAP by email option is created to serve users new to web 3 but there are couple of scenarios that it can be used for farming and OTC deals .

There are different solutions but here I present the most simple one .

  1. Poap starts to tag users email with IDs .

  2. POAP adds a new attribute to issued poaps , it will be Email ID .
    if EmailID=0 means poaps is minted to eth address directly and not reserved .

so the poaps will have another attribute like tokenId, EventId .
If POAP also adds the reserve date to poap attributes it would be great !

On-chain tools will be able to identify that

  1. The same EmailID has been used to mint poaps to different Eth addresses [Find those users that farm and sell poaps]
  2. How many times an Eth address used reserve poap option by email ?
    dost not make that sense if user uses this option more than once … it make sense in some rare scenarios
  3. An Eth address is connected to how many EmailId and how many poaps are minted through them [ find users that buy poaps]

Having reserve date would be an additional info for on-chain tool to see how many days actually passed from event date , so if they want they can say if you dont mint your poap 1 day after reservation by email , you can mint it but we wont count it for any reward . I know reserve data is essentially the event date , but event date is not registered on-chain as well right ?

I would like to know how complex it is to add two new attributes to poap contract ?

Please help the anti-farming teams to protect their REAL community from farmers .

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Hey @whiskey :wave:

First of all, thanks for sharing your thoughts about the topic :slight_smile: Your feedback is super valuable to us.

As you said, the email reservation option was built to serve users that aren’t into web3 yet. But there are still some scenarios in which email reservations are used for abusing the protocol.

This is indeed being worked on because we understand that it’s essential for the integrity of the whole ecosystem.

Will keep you posted.

Have a great day!