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Hi, my name is Santi. I have been issuing POAPs since april 2021. I belong to Solow educational community, we are ocer 2400 in Discord and have been using POAP since our community was born, earlier thisnyear.

I just created 4 dropss, and added on the comments that I would like to create some more for a campaign around ETH Latam. Let me try to explain our campaign better.

ETH Latam is gonna be the first crypto experience for many many people. Most people joining don’t know much about the Ecosystem. So we designed an educational game to get people to interact and learn about crypto projects.

There will be many “ambassadors” from over 50 crypto projects and people have to finde them. Once you find an ambassadors, you get to mint the projects POAP. Its like a “you’ve met” POAP, but for protocols.

At the end of the conf, whoever got to meet more ambassadors from different projects wins. We are building a leaderboard and a dashboard to gamify the whole experience of meetking new people and learning about new projects. On top of that, we will use ruffle to give away merch and other prices.

Some of our ambassadors have never used POAP. Some others are super busy. So in order to mkje it easier for the ambassadors of each project, and for POAPs curation team to review, I thought it would be best to create all POAPs myself and the hand them the code manually, so the ambassadors can distribute the POAPs using WeLook’s dispenser.

In this way we can:

  • guarantee all drops follow POAPs standards.
  • make your job easier, since you wont be having to dig on 50 new issuers, but you can check on the campaign as a whole.

Hope my explanation was clear. Let me konw if you think theres a better way of handling the drops.


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Hey @Santicristobal

We’re happy to check on the status of your petition.
Thank you for all of the context!
We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Santi, hola! :pig_nose:

@julie ty for helping with the case.

Santi, as we discussed by DM, each project should create its own POAP.
You can share with them the POAP Quality Guidelines and the step-by-step tutorial on how to create a drop.

Q: How does each community plan to distribute the POAPs? We strongly recommend the Magic POAP Dispenser.


Awesome Fio! Thanks a lot.

One of the 4 POAPs I submitted yesterday is from my project; Solow. Could I get that one approved please? It’s drop: 58124.

I will ask other projects to get their own drops ASAP so we have time for you to review them thoroughly. We will use “description” and “name” templates to make it easier. Also, the images themselves all look alike, so you shouldn’t have such a hard time identifying them.

Thanks for all the help,

Awesome @Santicristobal!

I’m asking the team to review #58124.

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Hi team!

Thanks again for all your support. Could you please check drop 58610? It’s a POAP created by one of our players who is concerned because he got other POAPs approved but not the one from the game. Anything we could adjust to make it better?

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Hey @Santicristobal

I see it has already been approved. TY!