Snapshot Linking Requests - Process update

Dear POAP Community,

We’ve made a small update to the Snapshot linking process. Going forward, please fill in the form here: Snapshot Linking Request

For more details, please review this article in the help center: How do I set up a Snapshot link?


Hi. Is there a change to the expected lead time after doing the form?

I’m waiting on 6 to be done. All have the form submitted.



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Thanks for submitting :pray: copying in @HeuRea or @matei to give visibility on anticipated turn over times.


Hey @jaitch!

The expected lead time is < 24 hours, and this form will help us speed that up over time.

Keep in mind that anything submitted over the weekend will take a bit longer at the moment, but should still be resolved within a reasonable timeframe.

Please reach out of if you have any other questions :smiley:



If we can get it to < 24 hours, that would be awesome! Our community struggles with getting POAPs way too late, often when the votes are already over.

Contemplate staging everything earlier.

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Can you comment on this discourse thread then please as this lists all the ones I have o/s. this thread is 2 days old already and the two listed at the bottom are a few days older than that.

I have all the emails confirming the form submitted ok.


Thanks, much appreciated.

Hello i filled this form out yesterday. Snapshot

the form is under

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Hey all. I have posted the latest Sushi voting request via the Form. Thanks @tom for assisting ! I know Sushi has a funky URL that pinged an error. Just wondering if there are any other protocols that have URLs that might want to get ahead of it? Or was the change you made for Sushi enough to apply to any other outliers? Thanks in advance. Love you POAP <3

Hello i have filled out the google request form, created a topic on your discourse and also commented under the snapshot link request process update Topic. its been over 7 days. i have event on the 14th would like to get this setup before then. What should i do to help the process move forward? Thanks for the help.