Silver Cup Gaslight Pin, Event ID: 49885, Drop Date: 6/18/2022

  1. Drop ID

  2. Community information
    Hi! We are Silver Cup, an indie-pop, brother-sister duo originally from Utah but now based in NYC. Please find some useful links below:

-Socials (Instagram, TikTok, etc): Silver Cup Band | Linktree
-One Pager & Press Release for this POAP project:
Silver Cup Pin Club Pitch_.pdf - Google Drive

Our community consists of thousands of superfans. Take a look at our Discord to see how lively they are! We have done many drops in the past (merch) that have sold out very quickly. We announced the Gaslight Pin a few days ago across all of our social channels and the reaction has been amazing - we’re expecting these pins to go fast!

2. Nature of the event
The Gaslight pin is the first item in a line of collectibles we will release with each new single we drop. The pin design is an adorable little cellphone reminiscent of the cover of our latest single “Gaslight.” When a fan purchases a pin, they will receive the physical item as a cute decor piece as well as a digital NFT through POAP. When you own a pin, you become a member of the "Silver Cup Pin Club.” Membership in the club opens a fan to a whole new world of exclusive and private content from us. In addition to club member perks, the Gaslight pin itself has its own individual add-ons different from any other pin we will drop in the future. That’s why they are worth collecting!

Upon purchasing a Gaslight pin, the fan will receive their physical pin in the mail as well as their NFT through POAP (via email). Once you purchase your first pin, you automatically become a club member. Club members gain access to a channel through which we will send them unreleased songs we are working on, voting power on future song titles and orders, and more. The Gaslight pin itself comes with multiple perks of its own, too. If you own a Gaslight pin, you will receive an autographed Polaroid and handmade friendship bracelet in the mail. It also earns you an invite to a private Zoom hangout and acoustic concert. Most importantly, owning your Gaslight pin and POAP acts as a free concert ticket. This concert ticket is redeemable anytime and anywhere with no expiration date. This means you can redeem it now when we play in New York City or a few years from now when we are on a possible world tour.

  1. Distribution plan
    POAP Mint Links. Once a fan purchases a pin, we are going to send them their unique mint link. We will individually send each link via email. We have made a sample instructional video for fans here ( - Google Drive) - it instructs fans on how to locate their Ethereum address and how to claim their POAP in the POAP app.

  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    We submitted the project today (6/14) and requested 60 codes. We are expecting the pins to sell out fast on 6/18, so we are hoping to receive the codes on that day so that our fans can claim their POAP right away.

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@Fio Oops!! Thanks for catching that. Just edited it. Our ID# is 49885!

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@Fio Please let us know if you need anything else ahead of the launch on Saturday, or have any questions about our drop! We appreciate you and the curation team! :raised_hands:

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