Share the first POAP you collected!

Hey frens!

Interested in hearing the story behind the first POAP you collected :blush:

Please share:

  • The event name
  • How you received it
  • Any special memory you have associated with it

Looking forward to seeing some interesting POAP stories! :purple_heart:


I’ll go first :upside_down_face:

  • DappCon 2019

  • I received it at the POAP booth inside the conference by Patricio himself! I scanned a static QR on the back of a large physical POAP badge!

  • It’s special to me because it was the first time I had discovered POAP. I got to have an awesome conversation about the technology, sybil resistance and a permanent reminder of that event forever!

Here is a photo of the booth, pulled from this blog post:

  • Rubic Doge 12-May-2021
  • Asking a question in the r/rubic AMA
  • Probably the first time I experienced a big return on a trade/small mcap token

To be honest, the first Poap I got was from Poap (community call 1)and I was really excited because at that time I had heard and read interesting information about the platform and it was interesting to me, and you can say that for the first two or three days I was checking it out and sharing it with my friends. It was interesting


electro Bro its my fist poap and i start my decenteraland account and when i walking there see the somewhere play music and when i go there i see many people stand behind the machine and when i go there see on top of machine write POAP and i dont know what is that bit i claim it with one click on that machine … after that i search what is POAP and know and install the app and know i have more that 300 hundered Poap and i like this Project !


  • I received it assisting in a video conference of ETHLATAM telegram group
  • It’s special because it was the first POAP I get. I was at that time very confuse but was all an experience very greatfull to get.

The first time that Vitalik came to argentina! The drop was made by using POAP sticker cards


Zapper Terminator AMA #3 - Immasandwich

I got it through degen
I love it because it’s my first POAP and I like hamburger


For me it was Agave DAO rush week open house

Agave is a project launched by the first DAO I joined, the cute logo reminds me that I designed a few emojis for the Discord server at the start of the project. It was really exciting to get my first POAP after missing a few other ones :star2:


My first poap: I attended the zoom meeting of the Bitcountry project. They didn’t say they would give poap. Even if they told me, I wasn’t very interested in those times. They said that 2 days after the event ends, they will distribute the poap and send it to their e-mail address. 2 days later the poap arrived. I even minted on eth mainnet with my first experience. I really liked Poap. That day I made a decision and started collecting poap. Currently, I have hundreds of poap and I have 2 Turkish poap articles about poap. I always say this. Much nicer and better quality than many poap nfts. Poaps will be indispensable for Web3 projects. Thank you.


Name Got Chi?
i cant remember it
i know that my friend call me to attend a meetting

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My first POAP that I received was UD MEME LORD from Unstoppable Domains for creating fun memes.
I saw a tweet about poap that when we participate in events,we can earn a poap for our proof attendance and I decided to install poap App and I got my first POAP about after a week that I installed the App.
I was really happy and I always checked the App and saw the POAP.


hi my first poap is for attendance to poap community call on 28th jan 2022

  • My First POAP with ONE37pm

  • I was awarded this POAP on the ONE37pm discord, and I was quickly getting on board with other NFT communities!

  • This POAP means so much to me because right after I minted my first POAP, I was hooked on the protocol, and I did so much research to learn from it and help grow it!

It also helped that ONE37pm made a blog post on; What Are POAPs and Why are They Impotant


Road to 2022 - POAP :fr: Celebration


Because of the gyroscope project, I had just gotten to know Poap and realized how cool it is. So I tried to know more about it and follow its community. for activity on @poapfr on twitter Receive that .


And this was the best gift to get to know POAP better I was able to receive it.


My first Poap was from Coin Gecko for being a premium subscriber in 2021, and I’ve been addicted ever since :heart:


My first poap was an Adidas poap, got it from their official app, very memorable.


The first poap I collected was SolStar Early Supporter.

I remembered the SolStar team member sent it to me through twitter DM.
I didn’t know what poap was at the time, but looking back now, it definitely opened up a whole new world for me.

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Unstoppable Tweet-Tweet-Elite

I participated in the UD event.
It was where I started my crypto journey.


my first poap