ShapeShift DAO Weekly Governance Call #23 - 23670

Event ID: 23670

Description: A weekly call to go over status and updates to proposals to the ShapeShift DAO governance process. Held weekly on Thursdays at 3pm MST on the stage in the ShapeShift DAO Discord.

Date: 01-20-2022

Codes requested: 100

Distribution method: updated DEGEN bot in discord

Explanation: the ShapeShift DAO would like to start creating POAPs for specific calls we host in our discord. We were previously doing so, and have now revamped our process to use approved anti-farming measures in the DEGEN bot, and have increased our content creation cycles to have all artwork produced before the event.

We would like to use this as a trial in our new systems and, if successful, scale up POAPs on a few of our weekly calls again.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide for the approval process here. Thanks!

I see we may have everything we need for approval here with our new setup. If there is no action needed to approve our POAPs, feel free to please ignore.

Hey, your request got positively reviewed! :slightly_smiling_face: