Secret Word approval missing for drop 60032

Dear POAP curation body,

I have created a POAP drop on August 13 @ 20:45 UTC and requested 150 secret word mints at the same time. I haven’t heard back since then for our event that is taking place today, August 15 @ 9pm UTC

Could you please approve and confirm the secret word mints for this drop.

Thank you and have a great night
Zelotes - Metashima Mod

  1. Drop ID: 60032

  2. Community information
    Submitted by @zelotes_8315 (Twitter) for @metashimaNFT (Twitter)

  3. Nature of the event
    Second virtual event of an event series about web3 security. This time: Wallet Basics. This time in Discord VC: Discord

Announcement in Twitter:

  1. Distribution plan
    Via secret word in the voice chat where the event us taking place. Mint window 15 minutes max.

  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I don’t know. It’s the first time my POAP request (for the secret words) have not been approved within 24h.

Hello @Zelotes

A couple of things as we work toward getting an approval for this event:

  1. Secret Word is not the proper distribution method for Discord events == you need to request mint links. How Do I Set Up a POAP Drop? | POAP Help Center

  2. Your linked Twitter post (

announces that a POAP is available for this event — this is called engagement farming per the Curation Guidelines

Please submit a new petition for mint links for this event in accordance with the Curation Guidelines:

You will have to use a Discord bot such as GUILD.XYZ to distribute the mint links in the Discord Server.
Thank You.
The POAP Curation Body

Hey Julie,

Thanks for getting back to me but I disagree with your decision that secret word is the wrong distribution method for this event. You might have just read ‘discord’ but what we’re doing is a live vaudio conference (called voice chat there but nothing with typing) in Discord which is no different from a Twitter Space (except us having the chance to screenshare and show how to keep wallets safe).

Only the people that are live with us must hear us saying the secret word live during the mint window of max. 15 minutes.

It is important to us to get our visitors to mint via secret word as we need to know during the session who attended. At the end off this one hour long event we will raffle out prizes for everyone who successfully minted his/her POAP by downloading the csv file from the POAP event. POAP - proof of attendance - is the very best way to really determine who was there. How should we distribute POAPs via mint links in a pure voice chat - it’s not possible.

Not the tool should be the determining factor but the way the event is taking place. It’s like you’re telling us that if we use MS Teams it’s the correct method but if you are using Zoom it’s not. It’s all live audio conferencing.

I ask you to issue the requested secret word mints, since the virtual event is taking place as a live voice call.

Thank you

Is mentioning the POAP ‘engagement farming’? I wasn’t aware of that guideline. I thought it’s OK to announce that a POAP will be available!? So is it not allowed to show the POAP in advance?

In my Twitter thread specifying the event it is the fourth of five tweets explaining what we have planned. It’s not ‘come and join us because we have a POAP’ it’s explaining that we give out prizes within every of the four events and one after all events and that POAPs are used as a method to determine winners. From our experience this has to be mentioned early so people can prepare. Not everyone knows POAPs yet

If you still consider this ‘engagement farming’ I can delete that particular post but I prefer you letting us keep it like this. Please advice.

All the best

It just got approved with the secret word mints created.

Thank you!