Scam mail pretending to be from POAP pretending to be from poap, sending links to some discord and telegram. I’ve told them I’d use discord link from official website, and that’s how avoided being lured, before seeing the mail isn’t right.

Hey @MiliRa

That was me :slight_smile:
Besides Discourse, Intercom is a tool we’re using to communicate with issuers.

We know there are many scammers in the ecosystem. You can always double-check with the POAP team on the official channels.

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Oh, ok, sorry, I was asking in the live support about this mail from intercom and was told they are not familiar with it :sweat_smile:

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:ocean: :wave: @MiliRa

Best to be to be safe!! :grin:

If you remember, who did you speak with on support!
This was most likely a new employee

We want to make sure everyone is on the same page. :heartpulse:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body.

I can’t blame them, they used the words “not familiar” and I translated them to scam in my mind and rushed to warn others about it :blush: They helped me with other stuff too, and even if they are new, I wish them many lessons learned and further success. And I’m sure we’re already on the same page :sparkling_heart:

That’s a terrific name you have there if you don’t mind me saying so, Fiorella Scantamburlo :grinning:

Although I can see why you go by @fio for short …

(I once met a girl called ‘Ra’ whose full name was Amaranza Zephyr … a name just as good)