RSHC's Autonomous Vehicles Symposium, #37192, 4/22/22

  1. 37192

  2. this is our inaugural symposium for RSHC Law! We are getting many of the bright minds of the industry together to go over some issues that the AV industry may face.
    you can follow this link to learn more!

  3. This is important because it is our firm is hosting this event and it is in a newer field. we have a newly formed Autonomous Vehicle Team as well as an Unmanned Vehicle Team. this event is half in person and half virtual! This is something that is making our event different that some other events like this! With the world becoming more and more open to autonomous vehicles, we are on the cusp of something that is going to change the world!

  4. We want to distribute this in a few ways, since the event is in person and online we need to have codes available for both. I was able to get 100 mint links and when i made my website i asked for another 75. this is because we want to create individual QR codes for each participant that will be there in person, it will be on their chair waiting for them. when it comes to the participants online, we want to be able to send each person an individual link via email to ensure that these are secure and that no one missed out of the POAP! with cutting edge technology being the topic, we wanted a memento that has the same cutting edge technology feel!

  5. I reached out to the chat function and the nice lady told me that i needed to make a post of this to make sure that i can get the way that i am distributing these POAPs approved! If there is an easier or more efficient way for me to do this, please feel free to let me know! :slight_smile:

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