-Resubmission- #35522 3.31.22 (MZP: Mutant Zombie Playground)


Drop Information:
This drop will only be claimable for those who attend the MZP Opening Exhibition at Gallery187 (in decentraland -51, -106) on 3-31-22 @ 10pm UTC.

Nature of the event:
This POAP represents attendance of the Opening Exhibition of Mutant Zombie Playground (an NFT solo series by JDR187) and the first ever gathering at Gallery187, located in Decentraland (-51, -106) at 10pm UTC on 3-31-22. This will be an art show and gathering of friends, supporters and virtual neighbors, to support the artist and to network.

Link to artist and ads:

Distribution plan:
Mjnt Links will be distributed only to those who attend the event itself in virtual person on 3-31, at Gallery187 in Decentraland. Codes for the POAP will be given out via the discord that attendees will join, once they arrive. There will be a special channel in my discord where the attendees will request, and be sent the mint links via a DM from me.

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Hey @JDR187

We highly recommend setting up a POAP dispenser on Decentraland.
Here you can find the information: Hand out POAP Tokens | Decentraland

Can I please request more poap links…i was given 50 of the 99. Can I have the full 99, I am going to need them.
I am giving them individually via DM in my discord. They only can join that discord when they visit the gallery in decentraland tonight, and click the disc invite object. They cannot invite via the discord either, so there will be no farming. They will be joining a channel and commenting to show their attendance (as they couldnt join unless in virtual person in my gallery)

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Event left around 50 who showed up to the gathering without a poap. Could i have those extra links so that i can send them out to the ones still waiting? I will be DMing them out directly to them. Is there a way to extend the deadline for the poap as well by another day, if so?

Hey @JDR187

Can you please submit a top-up petition?

Where exactly do I submit a top up petition? I tried via the actual poap form…i guess that wasnt it? Thanks in advance for the help!

You need you use the edit code (you can find it in the confirmation email) and then tap on “Request more codes”

Hey! @JDR187

We are closing this thread, due to inactivity.

Please reach out if you need further assistance.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body