Requesting permission to drop our request

We’re a voluntary marine conservation organization, and we’ve held a number of, voluntary marine conservation events, and we’ve applied for the POAP, to mark these special days, to remind people of the importance of the marine environment, i’d like to expedite the approval of our POPA, which is # 30555

This is our twitter

Please speed up the review of my poap. Thank you, administrator


Reviews generally take between 24 and 48 hours, and may take longer in cases where insufficient information is provided. The best thing you can do to expedite this process is make sure your petition conforms to the Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops , and that (if you’re asking for more mint links than you’re willing to hand deliver) you’re clear about your distribution plan.

Please see this thread with a similar user @VIP198165 for more information: Reviewed by # 30350(today) as your requests seem to be incredibly similar in nature.

It’s been 12 hours. I hope I can speed up the review of my poap

The review came back negative, as both the legitimacy and use case are unclear and/or questionable.