Requesting Drop Approval

  1. Drop ID:
    #33457 - v2c2 10th Mountain Soldier Monument
    #33458 - v2c2 Windows Lookout
    #33459 - v2c2 Riva Ridge
    #33460 - v2c2 Buffalo’s
    #33461 - v2c2 Belle’s Camp
    #33462 - v2c2 International Bridge
    #33464 - v2c2 Eagle’s Nest
    #33465 - v2c2 Ice Rink
    #33466 - v2c2 Vail Brewing Co
    #33467 - v2c2 10th Mountain Whiskey
    #33468 - v2c2 Gondola 1
    #33469 - v2c2 Double Black Diamond
    #33471 - v2c2 Two Elk
    #33472 - v2c2 Picture With A Gaper
    #33473 - v2c2 Video Of A Jerry
    #33474 - v2c2 Picture With A Dog
    #33475 - v2c2 Picture With Dylan
    #33476 - v2c2 Picture With Ryan

  2. Community information
    I run the Vail Valley Crypto Club in Vail, CO. Login • Instagram , v2c2 NFT Scavenger Hunt , http://VailCrypto.World

  3. Nature of the event
    For my March meetup I am hosting a Ski/Ride Day that includes an POAP scavenger hunt. That’s why I created so many events because each one will be a POAP placed on the mountain or around the village that participants in the event can claim. The goal is to bring people together, to help them learn about crypto and do a fun activity in the process. I got the idea from the eth denver scavenger hunt and one that I saw was done in NYC a few months back.

3. Distribution plan
I am hiding these POAPs around Vail Village and on the mountain and when an individual finds the location they will get the secret word to mint that particular POAP. Each POAP will then act as a raffle ticket at the end of the day.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Perhaps because the description of each NFT is similar to the others. Or that I created so many similar events all at once… I wasn’t sure the best practice for doing a scavenger hunt activity and I don’t have a big team helping me so I wasn’t able to create unique descriptions for each NFT.

Hey @DeFiDylan

Nice use case! We have some questions regarding distribution:

  • How do you plan to send the mint links to the participants?

  • Are you setting up a Secret word? how do you plan to prevent it from leaking?

Option 1) I plan on having the secret word at each location. Since I only expect around 10-20 people (unless the event gets a lot of hype) I’m not worried about people other than the participants getting the secret word -especially because only the participants know I’m using POAP.

Option 2) The alternative way I was thinking I that I just have people take pictures of the locations and then I can hand them a link/secret word directly when they proove they have found all the locations.

Option 3) If you have any ideas on a better method, I would love to learn about it!


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Is there a way I can escalate this ticket? I need to have these POAPs created by next Tuesday 3/22 so I can Distribute them for my event on the 24th?


I haven’t seen your petitions for Secret (I only see the petitions for mint links). If there will be 10-20 people, why did you request 100 mint links? :thinking:

The idea of the picture is good! You can send them a mint link once you receive the pictures :slight_smile: If you confirm that you will only need mint links, I’ll ask the Curators to review your petitions again.

Please let me know :slight_smile:

I requested 100 just in case there could be more, I didn’t want to run out the day of. But if it’s a best practice to request fewer links, I will make sure to do that going forward. If necessary I can adjust the number of links down as well.

I can submit a petition for a Secret. I would prefer to use the secrets rather than mint links so people can mint at the location rather than send photos bc 20 people x 17 locations = 340ish photos to sort through, plus the time it would take the person to be able to mint with each link will go up.

So if possible I’d like to just like to use the mint links as backup.

But with that said, I can be flexible, because I need these POAPs to go through, otherwise the event can’t happen.


I just submitted my petitions for Secret for each of my events. I still haven’t heard anything back on my original submissions for my events.

Please let me know ASAP what I need to do in order to get these approved since I need to have them ready to go by Tuesday 3/22.

Hey is there any update on what I need to do to get my POAP’s approved? My Deadline is tomorrow 3/22. If I can’t get them approved the core part of my event won’t be able to happen because my event is a POAP scavenger hunt for my crypto group on 3/23-3/24.

On my end, I’ve created all my events… I’ve submitted petitions for secret words for each event. I’ve waited well over 24 hours. I’ve reached out here multiple times. I’ve answered your questions, but I haven’t heard anything back. Nor have I received any suggestions on what I need to do or change to get my events approved.

Please let me know what I need to do to get my events approved.

Hey @DeFiDylan
Your petitions have received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket: :rocket:

Enjoy your scavenger hunt!

The POAP Curation Body