Requesting Approval for Event # 28657

Hi, Trying to request 1024 (this is a significant number used to pay homage) codes for a POAP to celebrate a great legend in the Hero Galaxy discord. We’ve had a stuck listing for over 24hrs at .24 which is now very much becoming the talk of the discord and even OpenSea themselves can’t seem to remove it. This listing is now very much cemented in Hero Galaxy lore forever and what better way to acknowledge that than with a great POAP for the discord members.

If you can please review and re-consider this event submission, it would be very much appreciated.

All the best

Hey @Operation_Wolf,

The curation team made a negative review of your petition. Your drop is nice, but it doesn’t quite comply with the Quality Guidelines.

Wen POAP? POAPs are minted as an attestation to a collector’s attendance (physical, virtual, or spiritual) at an event; a gift from issuers to collectors which acknowledge the non-material (and yet, invaluable) contributions that members of a community contribute to its collective health. POAPs can be issued for special events and memorable moments of all sizes, physically or virtually, provided good cause to do a drop.

Please check our Quality Guidelines document to learn more about the subject: Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops