Request to resend edit code #49695

Hello, I wasn’t able to receive the confirmation email where I can’t check the edit code of #49695.
When I used my company email ( ) and created 2 more private event, I wasn’t able to get confirmation for all of those events.

I need to make #49695 private as #49697 was newly created and it’s the correct one to be approved by the curation team.

Can you send me confirmation mail of #49695 to

Thank you!

Hey @wise

The POAP Curation Body approved event ID #49694 and rejected #49695 & #49697 (because they were duplicated).

Did you receive the confirmation email of #49694?

Hey @Fio! unfortunately, I wasn’t able to receive the email. Can you send me one more time?


Hey @wise

Have you checked all your inboxes? Spam, Promotion, etc…?