Request to link POAP with Snapshot #49299

gm gm,

I’m the creator of we are providing POAP for our early members via snapshot vote, I already submitted the request in google forms but still seems like not accepted!

It is expected to have around 8k+ claims

Event ID: 49299
Proposal ID: 0xd19948057f12847b3f94fe6accf19c467fe8f80fd2723315d64a7b69b358ac25
Community Name: Lenster
Proposal URL: Snapshot

Also is there any limit on number of claims?

cc @Fio @dyllon

Hey @yoginth

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Snapshots are typycally linked after the vote is ending.

What’s the voting about?
What are the requirements to participate?

Hello @yoginth

Have you followed the steps in this article?


Voting is to provide poap for early users of

You need to be a follower of lenster.lens in order to get a POAP, all followers are NFT stored on chain


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Hey @yoginth

TY for the info.
For this particular use case, the appropriate method would be POAP.Delivery, which allows you to whitelist which Ethereum wallet addresses can receive your POAP.

Here’s how to set it up: How Do I Set Up Delivery? | POAP Help Center

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