Request to extend expirely date for POAP #54510 and #54509

[Drop ID]
#54510 and #54509

change expirely date to 2022/12/31.

those POAPs is already reviewed and authorized, but I missetting expirely date.
Now, the POAP is expired but I want to extend expirely date.

I try to edit the POAP on admin console ( on browser ), change expirely date, input the edit code and submit, but it’s not happen.

I have already inquired chat support and get information about change expirely date using admin console is not supported.

I have edit codes of those POAPs if required.

Hello @takano_ca

You are going to have to submit a new petition for more mint links for each of those events.
Since they have expired we cannot change at all.

Take Care
The POAP Curation Body

Thank for reply.

I understand that I need to request minting for expired POAP.
Let me request new 50 mint links for alternatives of expired each POAPs.

  1. Drop ID
    #54510, #54509

  2. Community information
    We are IT/Engineering Company on Japan.

  3. Nature of the event
    The treasure of the Treasure Hunt Event at the Yoshidumi HD employee meetings in June 2022.

  4. Distribution plan
    Email to our employee individually.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

  • My POAPs has already authorized but I’ve missetting expirely date.
  • Expired POAPs can not be extended(changed).
  • New mint links is necessary to give to people who originally wanted.

Close this ticket for creating new ticket to request new mint links.

hello @takano_ca

You are going to have to create and submit a new petition for each event due to the original ones being expired.