Request mint links

I had a positive review, but I have not received a mint link.
ID 36346

Continuing the discussion from Drop Request for event #36346:

Hey @Kenji

You should have received an email with a .txt file.
Have you checked all your inboxes? Spam, promotions…?

Yes, checked all mailbox.
But after created poaps I don’t receive mail with mint links

In that case, can you please submit a new petition with another email?

How to submit another email, create another new event?
I have not issued yet, can I delete this event?

Yes, create a new event with another email.

You can mark the other event (36346) as private.

Thank you.

@fiorescan I have created new event #38162 Waiting for links

Hey @Kenji

The POAP Curation Body made a negative review of your petition as you re-used the artwork from another petition (#34572)

Please make each POAP artwork unique, for each unique moment in time. The simplest thing is just to add the date to the art somewhere so that it’s slightly variable (but still serial).

We also noticed that the POAPs of petition #34572 have been farmed. Which Decentraland dispenser are you using?

Thanks for the advice.
made another frame color, #38556

I put a link to the QR code( used Magic POAP QR dispenser) in the treasure chest.

Hey @Kenji

The Magic Dispenser is only for IRL events (not Decentraland). For DCL events, you should set up a Decentraland Dispenser.

Here you can find info on how to do it:

BTW, petition #38556 received a positive review. Congrats! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

I would like to set up dispenser but the sdk is difficult to use.

I was able to distribute POAP successfully.

Thank you very much!

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Hey @Kenji, I’m a co-founder of BB Studios on DCL 38,103. The method to set up a POAP is as follows:
You will need to interact with the DCL server using cURL (cURL only runs on Linux in the command line)
Follow these directions:

After doing this you will need to grab this project off Github and test it our locally using the command prompt:

Then you will need to get your DCL scene in builder and download the ZIP file and open the file ‘contract.ts’ (typeScript) in Visual code and add the POAP booth into the code.

You will then need to deploy the updated code through the command line to your scene.

I hope this helps, the scope of doing a project like this is a bit involved for non-technical individuals, but we figured it out over the course of a few weeks.

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